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The Finnland-Institut is a forum for Finnish culture, academia and business in German-speaking Europe. The Institute emphasises on networking and counselling of actors from different disciplines and offers, in co-operation with its partners, a diverse programme providing insights into Finland's culture and society.



Science and society

Zukunft gestalten – Europas Kulturpolitik im Fokus

Podiumsgespräch mit anschließendem Umtrunk

23.05.2024 - 25.05.2024

Science and society

Luonnon kielet – Sprachen der Natur

Tagung des Netzwerks von Finnisch-Lehrenden und -Studierenden im deutschsprachigen Europa Suosa....


Visual arts

Open Studio: Laura Kärki

Atelierbesuch im Rahmen der neuen Reihe Open Studio...

04.05.2024 - 31.05.2024


Wood Land

Designausstellung, u.a. mit Werken von Jonas Lutz (Finnland)...

“I've always had the feeling that I am cared for"

Sebastian Segnitzer, an engineering graduate from Germany, wanted to switch to politics and found the right place to study at the University of Helsinki. He praises Finnish universities for their freedom, low hierarchy and extensive student services. For Segnitzer, his years in northern Europe have been rewarding, but he also knows that Finland is not necessarily for everyone. Riikka Maukonen interviewed Sebastian.



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In order to support the exchange between Finland and the German-speaking countries, the Finnland-Institut is actively involved in the following funding programmes:

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The Finnish Institute has in its premises an open library for working, studying and reading books in a cozy environment.

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Studying and internship consultation

We organise informational events regarding studying and internship possibilities in Finland at study fairs and colleges. We offer current informational material and a possibility for personal counselling.

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The i Institute's publication series discusses various topics regarding the Finnish society, academic research and culture.

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The Finnland-Institut offers Finnish students an opportunity to complete an internship at the institute. Very good German skills are essential.

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