The Finnish Institute in Germany

The Finnish Institute in Germany is a forum for Finnish culture and arts, academia and business in the German-speaking region. The Institute emphasises on networking and counselling of actors from different disciplines and offers, in co-operation with its partners, a diverse programme providing insights into Finland's culture and society.


21.10.2021 - 26.10.2021

Performing arts

Lau Lukkarila: kneading to the 3...


21.10.2021 - 22.10.2021

Visual arts

FRACTO Film Festival – Foc...


22.10.2021 - 05.12.2021

Visual arts

This is not a photo, Teil II

Ausstellung u.a. mit Werken von Miia Autio



Finnland Unplugged

Online-Wunschkonzert voller Musik, Lachen und Kultur...

From Finland via Tallinn, Montevideo and Amsterdam to Germany: Mikko Fritze is the new director of the Finnish Institute

The Finnish sauna was elevated to the status of intangible world cultural heritage by UNESCO at the end of 2020. Mikko Fritze is a former board member of the Finnish Sauna Society and, he says, he’s one of the biggest sauna enthusiasts of all time. And in how many languages can his black Labrador named Lumi (Eng. snow) bark? Johanna Saggel conducted the following interview with Mikko Fritze.



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In order to support the exchange between Finland and the German-speaking countries, the Finnish Institute is actively involved in the following funding programmes:

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The Finnish Institute has in its premises an open library for working, studying and reading books in a cozy environment.

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Studying and internship consultation

We organize informational events regarding studying and internship possibilities in Finland at study fairs and colleges. We offer current informational material and a possibility for personal counselling.

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The institute's publication series discusses various topics regarding the Finnish society, academic research and culture.

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Studying Finnish language

The Finnish Institute does not offer Finnish courses, but there are several possibilities to learn Finnish in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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The Finnish Institute offers Finnish students an opportunity to complete an internship at the institute. Very good German skills are essential.

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Uraufführung in Wien! Was brauchen wir als Menschen und was braucht das dritte Jahrtausend von uns? Dies untersucht Choreograf_in-Performer_in #LauLukkarila in der Performance „kneading to the 3rd millennia im @brutwien. Herzlich willkommen! @FinEmbVienna

✨🎨 Strahlende Farben, geometrische Formen & auf jeden Fall viel Energie. Helena Kauppila ist zurzeit Gastkünstlerin im @finnlandinst. #Kulturtipp: Die vielseitige Ausstellung Kauppilas „Inside Infinity“ ist noch bis zum 18.11. im @finnlandinst zu sehen! #kunst #helenakauppila

Do children's books represent the diverse society we live in? Learn more about the importance for children to recognise themselves and having role models in stories and illustrations. Join the talk online on 21 Oct 3-5 pm (CET): @Book_Fair @goetheinstitut