Isabella Chydenius: Light installation @ Finnland-Institut, photo:


The Finnland-Institut is a forum for Finnish culture, academia and business in German-speaking Europe. The Institute emphasises on networking and counselling of actors from different disciplines and offers, in co-operation with its partners, a diverse programme providing insights into Finland's culture and society.


Berlin | Dresden | Pohrsdorf u.a.
05.10.2023 - 14.12.2023


TelepART-Veranstaltungen im Oktober-November 2023

Konzerte, Theater und zeitgenössischer Zirkus

06.10.2023 - 05.11.2023


Münsterland Festival: Gastland Finnland

Musik, Kunst, Dialoge

23.09.2023 - 14.01.2024


Alvar Aalto in Germany: Drawing Modernism


Bedburg-Hau / Nordrhein-Westfalen
16.09.2023 - 25.02.2024

Visual arts

Elina Brotherus, Joseph Beuys und der Galerist René Block: Kartoffelpflanzen – Transformationen


An interview with designer-cabinetmaker Antrei Hartikainen

Each July, Schloss Hollenegg transforms into a dynamic workshop for design research and experimentation. The final work is exhibited at the summer exhibition, which in May 2023 will be focused on glass. – Billie Muraben made an interview with Antrei Hartikainen during his residency.



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In order to support the exchange between Finland and the German-speaking countries, the Finnland-Institut is actively involved in the following funding programmes:

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The Finnish Institute has in its premises an open library for working, studying and reading books in a cozy environment.

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Studying and internship consultation

We organise informational events regarding studying and internship possibilities in Finland at study fairs and colleges. We offer current informational material and a possibility for personal counselling.

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The i Institute's publication series discusses various topics regarding the Finnish society, academic research and culture.

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Studying the Finnish language

Finnland-Institut does not offer Finnish courses, but there are several possibilities to learn Finnish in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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The Finnish Institute offers Finnish students an opportunity to complete an internship at the institute. Very good German skills are essential.

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