Academic programme

The academic programme of the Finnish Institute includes events such as discussions, lectures and seminars which are held in co-operation with local partner institutions throughout German-speaking Europe. In addition, the Institute offers funding opportunities for academic projects within the framework of its annual Open Call, for individual guest researchers through the proposal calls issued by the Emil Öhmann Foundation, as well as making its premises available for academic events.

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Open Call

The Finnish Institute collects suggested topics for its academic programme once a year, in autumn, by means of an open call for proposals. The call is aimed at academics working in Finland and in German-speaking areas who are interested in developing a joint project. The deadline for the project proposals for the year 2024 is on 30.11.2023. You will find further information here >

Guest Researchers

Once a year, the Emil Öhmann Foundation awards a travel grant for a maximum stay of three months at the Finnish Institute in Berlin. The grant is aimed at academics from Finland who engage with the German language or with cultures in German-speaking Europe. The grant of 1,000 EUR per month will cover travel and accommodation expenses, as well as office space at the Finnish Institute. All researchers, including PhD candidates, who work at Finnish universities are eligible to apply. You will find further information in Finnish here >


The TelepARTScience funding programme is aimed at academics who wish to participate in conferences or seminars in German-speaking Europe. Further information >


Inquiries can be made regarding the use of the Finnish Institute’s facilities for academic events. The premises can accommodate 20-40 people, depending on the conference set-up.

Contact and inquiries:

Mikko Fritze
Director  |   Tel. +49 30 40 363 18 98

Suvi Wartiovaara
The director’s assistant, literature programme  |   Tel. +49 30 40 363 18 93

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