The Finnish Institute in Germany / Finnland-Institut in Deutschland für Kultur, Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft GmbH (gemeinnützig)

Friedrichstr. 153 a (3rd floor)
10117 Berlin-Mitte

The Institute is fully accessible.

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Tel. +49 30 40 363 18 90




Opening hours

The Finnish Institute is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 11 am–7 pm. Our reception can also be reached Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11 am–3 pm.

The institute is closed on German public holidays, on International Women’s Day 8 March and on the Finnish Independence Day 6 December.

Due to the current circumstances of the Coronavirus in Europe, the Finnish Institute in Germany will be closed from the public until April 19th 2020. You can still reach us via phone from Monday to Friday between 11am and 3pm until April 8th after which the Institute is on Easter holiday until April 17th. We thank you for your understanding.

Our team

Dr. Laura Hirvi

Director, academic programme | tel. +49 171 210 34 66

Laura Hirvi has been the director of the Finnish Institute since 2015. Before that, she received her PhD in Ethnology from Helsinki University where she worked as a researcher, and acted as a visiting researcher at the University Santa Barbara in the USA through an ASLA Fulbright-programme. Hirvi grew up in a Finnish-German family, and therefore the cultures of both countries are familiar to her. It is her calling to improve cross-border dialogue through her work at the Finnish Institute.

Suvi Wartiovaara

The director’s assistant, literature programme | tel. +49 30 40 363 18 93

Suvi Wartiovaara has been a part of The Finnish Institute’s team since 1993. She works as the director’s assistant and is also responsible for the literature programme. Born in Helsinki, Suvi studied to be a certificated translator in Savonlinna, and later, she also studied political science at the University of Helsinki. In the year 1992 she moved to Berlin, where she enjoys the open and colourful metropolitan feeling every single day. Suvi believes in culture to build bridges, and thus in the institute’s role in this mission.”

Mika Minetti

Cultural programme | tel. +49 30 40 363 18 94

Mika Minetti has lived in Berlin since 2010 and studied at the Freie Universität Berlin during the 1990s. The Tampere native is co-founder of the Galerie Musterzimmer in Berlin and worked as a journalist, photographer and copywriter in Berlin and Helsinki before taking up his job as cultural advisor at the Finnish Institute in Germany. Minetti received his Master's degree in Political Science from the University of Helsinki (2000) and completed the Master's programme "Human Rights and Democratisation" at the University of Padua, receiving his European Master's degree (EMA) in 2002. He has published two books: Hiekkalaatikkojengi (2012, German Die Sandkasten-Gang) and It Happened in Berlin: Art, Love & Fashion (2017), an art book with personal insights into the intimate moments of Berlin's art world as well as its vibrant nightlife.

Marion Holtkamp

Media and public relations | tel. +49 30 40 363 18 95

Marion Holtkamp is responsible for the work related to press and public relations at the Finnish Institute. She got to know Finland as an au pair. Marion graduated from the University of Göttingen in the fields of Scandinavian and Finno-Ugrian studies. By a scholarship, she also attended Åbo Akademi-University in Finland. After several years at the University of Kiel, she joined the team of the recently founded Finnish Institute in Germany. One of Marion’s passions, which also makes her enjoy working at the Finnish Institute, is its multilingualism.

Gabriela Oprotkowitz

Financial management and administration
 | tel. +49 30 40 363 18 96

Gabriela Oprotkowitz holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and has worked at the Finnish Institute since 2002 as financial and administrative manager. Gabriela is responsible for accounting, salary payments, and everything administration-related, and therefore gives the rest of the team the opportunity to focus on cultural work. She is a true original Berliner and loves to work in her home city. She has fond memories of the months spent at summer university in Mikkeli, Finland, during her studies.”

Maija Toivonen

Project manager, communication
 | tel. +49 30 40 363 18 98

Maija Toivonen will be employed at the Finnish Institute until March 2020; among other things, she is responsible for the coordination of Finland's appearance at the Vienna Design Week. Maija received her Master's degree in Germanic Studies / German Language from the Universität Turku in 2018. She began her tenure at the Finnish Institute in 2017-2018 within the framework of her EDUFI internship. Originally from Hyvinkää / southern Finland and now an ardent Turkuer, she lends a touch of Austria to the Institute's team, as it is impossible not to detect the German of her primary school years spent in Vienna.


Kati Lommi

5.8.2019‒3.7.2020 | tel. +49 30 40 363 18 90

Pauli Orava

5.8.2019‒3.7.2020 | tel. +49 30 40 363 18 94

Janne Airaksinen

1.1.‒31.12.2020 | tel. +49 30 40 363 18 98

Okko Böger

1.3.‒31.5.2020 | tel. +49 30 40 363 18 98