In order to support the exchange between Finland and the German-speaking countries, the Finnland-Institut is actively involved in the following funding programmes:

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Sisus Sirkus, "Mosh Split". Foto: Edgar Larsen

TelepART Mobility Support

The TelepART programme is divided into Art- and Science-sections: The Art-application is intended for performing artists and the Science-application is aimed at researchers working in universities and research institutes. The TelepART funding programme is supports their international work-opportunities, by aiding in travel- and accommodation costs. The grant enables them to quickly react to performance and work opportunities, appearing on a short notice. Read more about TelepART here.

Emil Öhmann Foundation

Once a year, the Emil Öhmann Foundation awards a travel grant for a maximum stay of three months at the Finnland-Institut in Berlin. The grant is aimed at academics from Finland who engage with the German language or with cultures in German-speaking Europe. The grant of 1,000 EUR per month will cover travel and accommodation expenses, as well as office space at the Finnland-Institut. All researchers, including PhD candidates, who work at Finnish universities are eligible to apply. You will find further information in Finnish here.

Open Call

The Finnland-Institut collects suggested topics for its academic programme once a year, in autumn, by means of an open call for proposals. The call is aimed at academics working in Finland and in German-speaking areas who are interested in developing a joint project.


Dr. Mirjami Schuppert
TelepART   |  tel. +49 30 40 363 18 94

Suvi Wartiovaara
Open Call, Emil Öhmann Foundation   |   tel. +49 30 40 363 1893

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