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We warmly invite bookworms and avid readers alike to visit our small library! The library offers a small but interesting selection of books, mainly in German but also in Finnish and Swedish. The collection consists mostly of contemporary Finnish and Finnish-Swedish authors, primarily in German translation. In addition, there is a selection of non-fiction and art books, scholarly volumes, children’s books and books for adolescents, comics and poetry. The books may be borrowed for a lending period of four weeks.

Our library room is also open to those who would like a quiet space to concentrate on their work. Secure Internet access is available to guests of the Finnland-Institut. The most recent editions of the Finnish magazines Suomen Kuvalehti and Image can also be read in the library. In addition, it is also possible to read the e-editions of the newspapers Helsingin Sanomat and Hufvudstadsbladet on the Institute’s laptop available to guests.

Finnish literature translated into German 2022–2024


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Tue and Thu 11am – 7pm

Contact |  Tel. +49 30 40 363 18 90

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