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  • Date: 31.10.2023 - 30.11.2023
  • More information:Suvi Wartiovaara, Director's Assistant
  • Email:suvi.wartiovaara@finstitut.de
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Open Call 2024

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The Finnland-Institut is a non-profit forum for Finnish culture, research/science and business in German-speaking Europe. For its research programme, the Institute is currently collecting project proposals for 2024 onwards. We are particularly interested in projects that address the importance of forests. Research may focus on, for example, biological aspects of the forest, but also on its social, economic, historical or even mythological dimensions.

The open call for applications is aimed at researchers working in Finland who plan to implement a joint project with colleagues in German-speaking countries, and to researchers in German-speaking countries who plan to collaborate on a joint project with colleagues in Finland. The aim is to hold an academic event – e.g. a workshop, seminar or writing workshop with the goal of a joint publication – at the premises of the Finnland-Institut in Berlin or elsewhere in German-speaking Europe. The respective applicant is responsible for the research concept and, if applicable, for the organisation of the event, while the role of the Finnland-Institut – in the case that the funded activity takes place there – is exclusively to provide practical support on site.

We hereby request that suitable project proposals be submitted in the form of an exposé. It should be no longer than 3 A4 pages long, written in German, Finnish or English and include the following content: abstract, activity plan, project timetable, programme, planned publications, budget draft (including information on existing and requested funding) as well as potential partners in Finland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In addition, we request that you send us tabular curricula vitae of all members of the working group (no longer than 2 A4 pages each).

Existing partnerships in the target countries are advantageous, but not required. Funded events should aim at international joint publications or at least participation in international funding searches. Dimensions of social interaction through public lectures or panel discussions or through publication of blog posts are advantageous, but not a requirement.

The project should primarily be implemented in Germany, Austria or Switzerland over the course of 2024. The selected projects will receive a one-time grant of up to 5,000 EUR.

Please send your project exposé and resume/s to suvi.wartiovaara@finstitut.de with the subject OPEN CALL 2024 by 30.11.2023 at the latest.

For information, please contact the Finnland-Institut Director’s Assistant, Suvi Wartiovaara: suvi.wartiovaara@finstitut.de.

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