• Category:Visual arts
  • Place:Berlin
  • Date: 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2021
  • Address:multiple locations in Berlin, Brussels, Paris, London und Helsinki
  • Co-organiser:Finnish Institutes in Brussels, Paris und London
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A I S T I T – coming to our senses

event photo
Hans Rosenström und Satu Herrala. Bild: Satu Herrala

A I S T I T − coming to our senses is a joint project from four Finnish cultural and academic institutes. The project focuses on sensory experiences and their physical, social, political and technological dimensions in the 2020s Europe. The project is curated by visual artist Hans Rosenström and curator Satu Herrala, and it will be presented in 2021 in Berlin, London, Paris, Brussels and Helsinki. The Finnish Cultural Foundation has granted a funding of 180,000 Euros for the project.

„Working with sensory experiences feels meaningful in this time. We want to invite different groups from the general public to render themselves sensible for nuances and to expose themselves to the diversity of our realities”, say the curators Satu Herrala and Hans Rosenström.

For the A I S T I T project, visual and performance artists will create new artworks around the thematic of senses. Additionally, Finnish and international artists are invited to adapt their existing works around this topic. The project not only creates artworks that render our senses sensible but also explores the complexity of our sensory experiences during a time when our senses and perceptions are easily manipulated.

The artworks are presented in the focus countries of four Finnish cultural and academic institutes during spring 2021 and in Finland in early autumn 2021. The events are created in collaboration with local festivals, theatres, and art and cultural institutes. A diverse programme with events including commissioned works, performances and talks with artists, researchers and experts as well as workshops is created for each location.

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