Design Residencies: A Space for New Perspectives

event photo
Schloss Hollenegg for Design: Innen-Detailansicht. Foto: Federico Floriani

TALK as part of Vienna Design Week. Language: English.

Watch the talk online here.

Alice Stori Liechtenstein, Curator, Schloss Hollenegg for Design
Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen, Designer, Finland
Christoph Meier, Architect and artist, Austria

International residence programmes enable designers, artists and architects to explore different cultures, specific places and ways of finding inspiration. To live, work and produce new designs and artworks in a stimulating environment while visiting a different country – preferably free of economic restrictions – provides the participant with new perspectives, and in many cases with new working opportunities as well.

How do residence programmes function, who runs them and who is eligible to take part? How to establish sustainable working connections during a short-term residency? What kind of personal experiences and insights did the panellists gain from either participating in or organising a residency?

Vienna Design Week is Austria’s largest curated design festival and has been taking place in Vienna since 2007. Recently it welcomed over 40,000 visitors to around 200 events per year. This year Vienna Design Week will take place from the 25th of September to the 4th of October.

The multifaceted output produced by product, furniture and industrial design, architecture, graphic design and social design, as well as experimental and increasingly digital positions, is both the mark of quality in the Viennese and Austrian design scene and at the heart of Vienna Design Week. The festival aims to internationally connect this local potential which is something that clearly shows in its programme.

Free entry. No prior registration needed.

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