In der Unendlichkeit – HELENA KAUPPILA – Inside Infinity

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Cover-Motiv: Helena Kauppila, Morgendämmerung im Park (Öl auf Leinwand, 130x130 cm, 2017)

With Helena Kauppila into a colourful, multi-layered infinity: As part of our Visiting Art/ist programme, Helena Kauppila is the guest artist for 2021 at the Finnish Institute. We are commemorating the exhibition with the help of a richly-illustrated catalogue, which also provides a thorough textual introduction (in German and English) to the work of the mathematician-artist.

In his foreword, Mika Minetti, Head of Culture at the Finnish Institute, describes what fascinated him about the artist-mathematician Helena Kauppila when they first met years ago. The cultural journalist and author Anne Waak introduces selected works from Kauppila in her article “The Joyous Scientist”, loosely titled after Friedrich Nietzsche. Finally, curator and author Lotte Laub talks to Helena Kauppila in her Berlin-Weißensee studio: in “The Tree of Life”, the two discuss how mathematics, neuroscience and astrophysics inspire Kauppila’s vibrant, detailed and joyful work.


In der Unendlichkeit – HELENA KAUPPILA – Inside Infinity (Berlin 2021, ISBN-13 978-3-9806766-3-2) can be downloaded from here (8 MB).

Visiting Art/ist 2021: Helena Kauppila | In der Unendlichkeit – Inside Infinity

See also the blog article based on Lotte Laub’s interview with Helena Kauppila.

Short film by Obi Blanche

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