• Category:Visual arts
  • Place:Berlin
  • Date: 13.07.2024 - 08.09.2024
  • Opening:12.7.2024, 7–9 pm
  • Opening hours:Tue–Sun 11–18 Uhr
  • Address:Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung, Auguststr. 75, 10117 Berlin
  • Transport links:S1, M1, M5 Oranienburger Straße, U6 Oranienburger Tor, Bus 142 Tucholskystraße
  • Co-organiser:Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung, East Wing
  • Link:https://www.aestiftung.de/en/exhibitions/imagine-another-perspective/
  • More information:phone +49-30-200 953 33
  • Email:info@aestiftung.de
  • facebook twitter

Imagine Another Perspective: Mandy Barker – Caleb Charland – Maija Tammi

event photo
© Maija Tammi, Hive Mind (2020, 38x30 cm) | Archival pigment print on acrylic glass | Courtesy of East Wing/Doha


How does humanity’s conception of time shift when confronted with illness or death? What are the deeper implications surrounding the plastic materials we handle every day? Are there energies in nature imperceptible by the human eye? Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung presents an exhibition that tackles these questions and more in this group show.

The works of the three international artists included in the presentation aim to illuminate areas of the natural world around us that are often unnoticed: the unseen, the overlooked, and the surprising, which are however central to our survival. The exhibition is an attempt to train our vision and perception, in hopes of gaining a different perspective on our environment. By experimenting with a variety of tools and optical techniques, the artists also explore the process of photography itself.

Finnish artist Maija Tammi explores the life of Hydra vulgaris, a small freshwater polyp that does not age at all in her series Immortal’s Birthday. Her photographs explore the human place in the continuum of existence and ageing, examining practical and metaphysical questions raised by Hydra all the way from the 1700s until today. Her work surrounding the Hydra combines Greek mythology and spirituality with technology and scientific research.

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