• Category:Visual arts
  • Place:Finland
  • Date: 29.08.2020
  • Time:20:00, 20:40 and 21:20
  • Address:Musiikkitalo/"Fame", Mannerheimintie 13a, 00100 Helsinki
  • Transport links:Helsinki Central Railway Station
  • Co-organiser:The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes
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In-between – H-ome – World Wide Window – The Time of Pandemic

event photo
Videostill aus "H-ome" von Emrecan Tanis; Foto: Jouka Valkama. Auf dem Foto: Atte Kilpeläinen, Tänzer des Nationalballetts Finnlands


Four video works created during the lockdown last spring will be presented as a free outdoor screening at Musiikkitalo in Helsinki on Saturday 29th August, from 20–22.00.

The works were born out of The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes’ Together Alone open call. The Institutes launched the fast-paced open call in response to the Covid-19 crisis. The call was aimed at all Finnish and Finland-based professional artists who had lost work opportunities due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Finnish institutes advance international mobility, visibility and collaboration of Finnish professionals in the arts, culture and science. The open call especially looked for projects, which emphasised broad international collaboration – without physical contact.

The open call received 437 applications. Out of this pool of fantastic proposals, 20 projects that explore new artistic methods and ways of thinking were selected. Four video projects  will be screened on Musiikkitalo’s media wall:

Director Anna Nykyri and her collaborators’ short film In-between explores cities emptied by the pandemic. The film was shot in Helsinki, New York and Mexico City.

Dancer and choreographer Emrecan Tanis’ short film H-ome documents the emotional landscape of the pandemic through the medium of dance. The dancers, many of whom under regular circumstances worked at the Finnish National Ballet, filmed their choreographies in their homes.

Artist Mikki Nordman’s World Wide Window: Agnus Mundi is a visualisation of WHO Covid-19 data. Emojis transform and move in the work to form a rendition of the baroque painting, Agnus Dei. You can follow the work’s evolution in real time on the artists’ website.

Artist Yassine Khaled’s Monitor Man in the Time of Pandemic is an updated version of their previous work Monitor Man. In the work, Khaled communicates with his surroundings and friends through an iPad embedded in a helmet.

One screening set lasts 40 minutes. There will be three showings throughout the night, starting at 20:00, 20:40 and 21:20.

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