• Category:Science and society
  • Place:Berlin
  • Date: 12.10.2021 - 11.10.2022
  • Time:7 pm
  • Address:Finnland-Institut, Friedrichstr. 153 a (3rd floor), 10117 Berlin
  • Transport links:Berlin-Friedrichstrasse station
  • Co-organiser:Aue-Foundation, Finnland bei Scoventa
  • Link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6pVgf-LH3g&t=36s
  • More information:phone +49-30-40 363 18 90. Unfortunately, there are no more places avalaible. Please join the event on our YouTube-channel instead!
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event photo
Wolfram Eilenberger. Foto: Annette Hauschild

First AUE FOUNDATION’S SYMPOSIUM from the series Culture – Archive of the Future. The Symposium can be also be seen live on YouTube. In English.

Introduction: Dr. Annamari Arrakoski-Engardt, Chairwoman of the Aue Foundation, Helsinki, to start off the discussion series.

A discussion with Klaus Helkama and Wolfram Eilenberger, moderated by Saskia Geisler.

Werte (Values) is a prelude to the Aue Foundation’s Symposia, during which debates on central topics in the Finnish-German context will be held. Finland and Germany have developed undoubtedly close ties to one another throughout history. But where and how do these similarities − and differences − manifest themselves, and how do they present themselves in the light of current debates? The Aue Foundation in Helsinki and Scoventa Verlag, together with the Finnish Institute in Germany, would like to shed new light onto this question, deepen the dialogue between Finland and German-speaking Europe, and promote mutual understanding of Finnish-German cultural relations. Based on the question of the central values of both societies, topics such as equal opportunity, education, need for security/national security and national self-image will be discussed.

Klaus Helkama analyses the Finnish value system, its genesis and peculiarities in his study Suomalaisten arvot (Eng. The Values of Finns). He discusses how the societal values of a Lutheran-influenced, Central European-Scandinavian tradition are amalgamated with specific Finnish characteristics into a completely independent mixture.

Wolfram Eilenberger contrasted the Finnish and German ways of life in an experiment on himself, so to speak, in his 2010 non-fiction book Finnen von Sinnen: Von einem, der auszog, eine finnische Frau zu heiraten. In addition, he is the author of works such as Zeit der Zauberer: The Great Decade of Philosophy 1919−1929 (2018) and will therefore enrich the debate with a deep understanding of European geistesgeschichte.

Saskia Geisler is a historian and member of the editorial board of the Deutsch-Finnische Rundschau. She works in the programme management of the Finnish division at Scoventa Verlag.


This academic search for traces started in Helsinki on 12 August, 2021. In this way, participants on both sides of the Baltic Sea are given the opportunity to follow and take part in the discussion.


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