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Jukka Korkeila | All of Finland weeps – Tears of sorrow, joy and healing

  • Writers: Sylvia Metz, Mika Minetti, Anne Waak. Photos by Donald H. Unter Ecker,, David Eng, Jukka Korkeila, Michael Thomas, Jussi Tiainen
  • Exhibition catalogue
  • Publisher: Finnland-Institut
  • ISBN: 13 978-3-9806766-4-9
  • Price: 10 € (+postage: in Germany min. 1,55€ / in EU min. 3,70 €) or free to download


Visiting Art/ist of 2022 at the Finnland-Institut is Jukka Korkeila. As a queer artist, Korkeila has created works that, for example, give shape to sexual identities, the exploration of the Christian Orthodox faith, and the emancipation of the body away from common beauty ideals. A special role is also played by the figure Frau Kraft, who appears in paintings and is embodied in interventions by Korkeila’s partner Markus Karger. And as for weeping, Jukka Korkeila says: “In a situation where others cannot weep, it is the artist’s task to weep vicariously for others.” − a quote from the exhibition catalogue.


The catalogue (in German and English, 3,8 MB) is free to download here.

Download catalogue
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