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  • Datum: 11.05.2007 - 12.05.2007
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Queer Questions to Representational Politics – Symposium 10-18 Uhr

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Organiser: Politics of Philosophy and Gender Group of the Research Centre of Excellence in Political Thought and Conceptual Change, funded by the Academy of Finland.

The two-day symposium begins with keynote speeches analysing the mechanisms of political discrimination as well as the exclusion of queer representatives and issues, and continues with a focus on the obstacles and opportunities for a political career in an era when it’s more and more the voter who shapes politics. The second day emphasises different modes of queer politics – who gets represented, what kinds of issues can be proposed and promoted, and what might be the queer alternatives to conventional politics.


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Freitag/Samstag, 11./12.5.2007.
Das Finnland-Institut bleibt am Fr 11.5.2007 für Ausstellungs- und Bibliotheksbesucher geschlossen.
Finnland-Institut, Georgenstr. 24 (1. OG), 10117 Berlin-Mitte
Bahnhof Berlin-Friedrichstraße
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