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  • Datum: 13.12.2007 - 15.12.2007
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Universities and Cities – Results and Reflections – Conference of the project “Scholars, Science, Universities and Networks as Factors Making Cities Attractive”

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Venue: The Finnish Institute/Finnland-Institut in Deutschland, Georgenstraße 24, 10117 Berlin

Please register with phone +49-30-520 02 60 10, fax +49-30-520 02 60 29 or info@finstitut.de by 7 December 2007.


About the project  

Conference Programme

Thursday 13 December 2007

12.00-12.30  Opening Words
Professor Marjatta Hietala (University of Tampere)
Ph. D. Marjaliisa Hentilä (Director of the Finnish Institute in Germany)

Session 1: Attractiveness of Cities (Chair: Marjatta Hietala)

12.30-13.30  Keynote Lecture: Dublin as a Developing Centre of Scientific Research
Professor (emerita) Anngret Simms (University College Dublin)
13.30-14.00  Coffee
14.00-15.00  Most Attractive Places for Nobel Laureates
Aulikki Litzen (University of Tampere)
Commentator: Martina Hessler (University of Frankfurt)
15.00-17.00  A Few Examples of Centres of Excellence in History: 
Berlin (Marjatta Hietala)
Manchester (Mervi Kaarninen)
Stockholm (Timo Vilén)
(Chair: Marjaana Niemi)
Professor (emerita) Anngret Simms (University College Dublin)
Peter Clark (University of Helsinki)
Clemens Zimmermann (University of Saarbrücken)
19.00-20.00  Concert and Reception at the Institute

Friday 14 December 2007

Session 2: Universities and Education (Chair: Marjatta Hietala)

9.30-10.30  Keynote Lecture: Bologna – a Neo- European ‘Myth’?
Professor Jürgen Schriewer (Humboldt University Berlin)
10.30-11.30  University and City: Far-Sightedness of Decision Makers
Mervi Kaarninen (University of Tampere)
Commentator: Professor Jürgen Schriewer (Humboldt University, Berlin)
11.30-12.30  Closer to the Community: Universities and Adult Education
Kirsi Ahonen: (University of Tampere)
Commentator: Professor Jürgen Schriewer (Humboldt University, Berlin)
12.30-13.30  Lunch

Session 3: Voluntary and Enforced Mobility of Scientists

13.30-14.00  Keynote Lecture: On The Move: People, Places and Mobility
Professor Lars Nilsson (Stockholm University)
14.00-15.00  The Emergence of a Scientist
Timo Vilén (University of Tampere)
Commentator: Lars Nilsson (Stockholm University)
15.00-15.30  Coffee
15.30-16.30  Estonian Scientists in Exile
Timo Rui (University of Tampere)
Commentator: Professor Lars Nilsson (Stockholm University)
16.30-17.30  General Discussion
Commentary and reflection led by Professor Marjatta Hietala
19.00  Conference Dinner

Saturday 15 December 2007

Session 4: Innovations (Chair: Marjaana Niemi)

09.30-10.30  Keynote Lecture: Voluntary Associations and Innovation
Professor Peter Clark (University of Helsinki)
10.30-11.00  Coffee
11.00-12.00  Participation of Academic Scientists in Technological Innovation Activities
Sampsa Kaataja (University of Tampere)
Commentator: Professor Reijo Miettinen (University of Helsinki)

Closing Panel
 12.00-13.30  What can we learn from the History of Institutions of Higher Learning / Centres of Excellence?
Commentary and reflection led by Professor Marjatta Hietala
13.30-14.30  Lunch


Thu-Sat 13.-15. Dezember 2007

Public transport:

Finnland-Institut, Georgenstr. 24 (1st floor), 10117 Berlin-Mitte
Friedrichstrasse station

Partner: University of Tampere / Department of History

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